What Sets Us Apart?


Black is not a joint venture. Black is not a design firm posing as a sub to a contractor. Black is not a team of designers and builders coming together for the first time on your project. We are a fully-integrated single-firm design and construction company.


Its the question we hear most. And one that's easiest to answer. Just listen to what our other clients and partners have to say about why they chose BLACK.

The real question is ''Why wouldn't you choose BLACK?''. please mailto; info@black.ug

Who We Are?


About Us- BLACK

Black Design Build Ltd is a company incorporated in Uganda since 2010.

If you are specific, demanding, hard to please and picky then we are the right fit for you. We are not the fastest, or cheapest but however according to our clients, we are the best. You can call us at 2am, interrupt our lunch or sunday holidays, our only concern is that your stuff is 100% correct because we are obsessed perfectionists.

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One of our clients said;

We don't offer promises, only guarantees, like when we say your project will be built within 10% of the preliminary estimate.

Clients / Partners