The Old school way (Design-Bid-Build).

Better buildings result when the client's, designer's and builder's interests are all aligned. The problem is, this's seldom the case-Much too often, the client is busy playing referee between a separate architect and a builder in the traditional (i.e. design-bid-build) method of doing things;

For example, in Uganda today, a typical client engages an architect to design a building and a contractor to build the shell and oversee the subcontractors (sometimes the owner oversees these subcontractors themselves) that will finish the building. This fragmented approach suffers from the tribal and narrow commercial interests that exist among the separate design and build parties. Often these interests trump good judgement and problem solving; in the end it's the quality and cost that suffer.

More so, this separation of key stakeholders causes finger-pointing between parties, since the builder does not give advice during the design, consulting, costing, or project planning phases.

Why our way is better (Design-Build)

The unique benefits and advantages of Design-Build versus the above method are immense. It’s why 90 percent of our work is Design-Build. Some of the advantages include faster delivery, less administrative stress for the client, better quality and lower costs.

1) Faster delivery

Most clients do not understand why their projects take lifetimes to complete, here is our theory; When you hire an architect without knowing what the actual cost will be to build it, there is always the possibility that what is designed is too expensive.Then, two equally time wasting solutions emerge; either repeat the design (and pay more) or phase the construction (and watch your kids hit puberty before you complete). Design-Build speeds delivery since design and construction overlap and because the cost is in-built in the design right from inception.

2) Less Administrative burden for the client

According to rocket science, Design-Build equates to headaches eliminated. Every one is on the same page because everyone is working under one contract hence the client, designer and builder are one team. This team-oriented approach promotes high levels of communication and transparency, both imperative to the success of any project. This single-source accountability afforded to the client means no conflicting recommendations between contractor and architect. Imagine that, it's like having two co-wives that get along very well, only this time the children (i.e. cost and quality) are happy.

3) Better quality and wiser solutions

Each one of us knows of that grey haired mzee builder that every one loves, his way of doing things is 'traditional', the problem is, these days every thing is dynamic, clients demand more and better of everything; So enter Design-Build, the method were solutions are not limited to traditional ideas. The job is the boss. At BLACK, the team is limited only by what’s right for the job. unlike the mzee, we work as a team constantly evolving ideas so as to give the client the best materials, best schedule, best design solutions and more. This innovative approach ensures the client realizes a better value for their money.

4) More Cost savings

Our concept of Design-Build is geared towards efficiency, and as is often the case with most efficient methods, construction costs are reduced for the client. Yet some might find this hard to believe instead insisting that the traditional design-bid-contractor is better. What they may not know is that Design-Build pays dividends by reducing both real (accounting) costs and opportunity costs. 
We could on yada, yada, yada.... about the benefits of our Design-Build method, but what's the point, if you came this far, chances are you are already one of the wise ones that get it. Just call us today so we can start discussing your project.