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Interior design Services| BLACK Design+Build


At BLACK, we design not decorate. But what does interior design mean any way? To us, it’s more than styling spaces, it means we equally ensure function is part of the package; space, light, good aspect, basically the whole nine yards.


Our process starts with listening and understanding, then interpreting your dreams. And if you’re one of those that can’t quite dream what your space should look like-we can help with that too.

We then communicate our solution back to you (to let you know that we get it). We prepare our communication using the latest 3D visualization spreads offering photo-realistic imagery. 

Our style is described as modern, minimalist even. It’s a style we know takes on different interpretations to different people, to us, It’s about quality, function, and well-being, more than a name to denote hype and being fashionable.

Modern means keeping with the times yet remain relevant tomorrow. We believe good interior design should deliver on functionality and looks while also minimizing the impact on the project budget overall.

Space, materials and details are considered in that order. But before all that, we get to tackle the basics: We discuss budget, mood and image. Along the way we rinse and repeat until we get it right.


Well, we stick around, because who better to construct and fit-out your proposal than the guys that birthed its vision. At BLACK, we know that a lot gets lost in translation every time a project team is fragmented.

Our approach to your interior construction and fit-outs is all about details, details, details; we look at everything – that one connecting bolt, that one tap, that one switch-to create perfection. We believe that this is what separates the good from the very best.