Luzira Apartments

Located in Luzira, Kampala, the architectural design for this modern apartment building aims to take advantage of the site’s views to Lake Victoria. To do this each of the 8 apartments differ in planning and cpmposition. This apartment is designed as a 4 level development on a half acre plot of land.

The Idea behind

To achieve its interesting characteristic exterior look, the apartment design of this building employs a subtle terraced profile. For this purpose, the floors are slightly displaced backwards one relative to the next, hence staggering the apartments, and therefore the spaces in the façade.

This offset alignment of the different apartments, as well as the protrusions and recesses of the different building elements, serves to loosen up the mass of the building. As a result, the building not only has a differentiated appearance but also a scale that is appropriate to the surroundings despite having 4 levels.

The dark stained concrete texture at the ground floor level exterior gives the building an appearance of a firm base as well its own identity within the neighborhood.

The Brief

  • 8 apartments each with;
  •               1 Study/spare room,
  •               2 bedrooms,
  •               2 bathrooms,
  •               1 open plan
  •               Living room,
  •              Dining and kitchen,
  • Facilities; Estate Office, Gym and Canteen
  • Parking; 14 cars

Victoria Estate Apartments

This modern apartment is located in Victoria Estate Entebbe, This vertical structure has a commanding street presence. The use of abstract ornamentation gives this building exterior a unique look and feel.

The Idea behind the architectural design

  • The planning concept;

This modern apartment building incorporates a high level of social and sustainable design principles. It is designed to provide equal access to daylight across all of the units,

Car-parking was located below ground to extend the ground plane through the site, creating high levels of accessibility and visual permeability.

  • The building form;

The form for this apartment building is generated by stacking similar units around a lift and staircase as the core.

These multi-level stacked boxes housing the apartments have similar floor plans except for the balcony frontages which have been slightly adjusted to achieve the visual complexity of the building.

We felt that this was a cost-effective design strategy for achieving architectural diversity within the rigorous commercial constraints of the Kampala/Entebbe high-density residential market.

The Living Room

  • 16 apartments each with;
  •                     2 bedrooms,
  •                     2 bathrooms,
  •                    1 open plan living room, dining and kitchen space
  • Facilities; Gym, Offices, Shop and common Laundry
  • Swimming pool with bar and restaurant
  • Parking; 25 cars

Namboole Townhouses

This townhouse apartment design is developed as an estate of 7 units in Namboole, Kira Town Council. The development provides renters with homes with private outdoor space and beautiful vistas of the surrounding neighborhood.

The Idea behind the architectural design

  • Design style;

This townhouse apartment design features good old fashioned modern style for the both the exterior and interior of the houses.

  • The planning;

Privacy and individuality between the units are created by stepping back the staircase volume thereby providing a covered carport on the ground floor and a covered balcony on the 1st floor

The private spaces (i.e. bedrooms) of the townhouses are found in the upper floors, along with rest spots, while the most “public” spaces, such as sitting rooms, kitchen, dining, are designed on the ground floors.

The bedrooms to these double-story homes have large balconies that provide dramatic views of the surrounding neighborhood.On the other hand, outdoor compound spaces  at the ground level allow for neighborhood social interactions.

The Brief

Each townhouse comprises; 

  • Open plan living, 
  • Dining area, 
  • kitchen, pantry,
  • 2 bedrooms (each with a covered balcony), 
  • 2 bathrooms, 
  • Covered carport 

Graeystones Estate Development

The Graeystone property estate is an upscale Residential gated community development happening within 1.5 acres of Land in the Muyenga suburb of Kampala in a phased construction.

The Idea behind

The resulting architectural design consists of 14 units across two building types; 7 Townhouse buildings and 1 Apartment building with 7 units; totaling 14 units,

All Townhouse units in the Graeystone property estate are similar in design and size, albeit with some individuality that is a result of displacements as the houses aim to fit in the sloping landscape. Furthermore a variation in the exterior coloring ensures each unit feels personal to the owner.

Each townhouse follows a compact scheme with 3 levels; the ground level houses the public spaces i.e. lounge, dining, kitchen and pantry spaces, the 2nd floor houses the 3 bedrooms while the 3rd floor attic is tucked in the roof and houses the en-suite guest bedroom.

The apartment block features apartment units whose rooms are laid out linearly so as to have interrupted views of the lake.

The Brief

  • 7 Town Houses each with:
    • 4 bedrooms; 1 master suite, 2 kids bedrooms and 1 en-suite guest bedroom
    • Lounge, Dining, Kitchen and pantry
    • En-suite Servant’s Quarters with laundry
  • Apartment block:
    • 6 Apartment units each with;
      • 3 bedrooms; 1 master suite and 2 kid’s bedrooms,
      • En-suite Servants’ Quarters with laundry
      • Lounge, Dining, Kitchen and pantry
    • Rooftop Penthouse with;.
      • 3 bedrooms; 1 master suite and 2 kid’s bedrooms,
      • Lounge, Dining, Kitchen and pantry with laundry

Kulambiro Apartments

Found at the slopes of one of Kulambiro’s hills in Kisasi, Kampala,Uganda this 5 level apartment building has wonderful uninterrupted views of Kampala city. It’s massing consists of 4 interdependent towers each with 5 apartments.

The Idea behind

Our initial discussions with the client revolved around how to create an apartment in Kampala with a signature & iconic look but also one that takes advantage of its strategic location at the hilltop to provide good views.

1)Achieving the signature look;

The unique look of the building is achieved by the horizontal variation; itself a consequence of alternating and shifting a unit size apartment (i.e. all 20 apartments are 2 bedroom and are identical in size).

2) Dealing with the hilly site;

The apartment building block relates to its hilly context through the subtle rhythmic setbacks of each of the 5 floor levels as one moves from the lowest to highest level. The shifts in geometry lighten the massing of the building and reduce its scale.

3) The benefits to the architectural strategy;

This design strategy of staggering the units has several inherent benefits: avoidance of long internal corridors as well as greater efficiency and maximizing the privacy of the flats. All 20 apartments benefit from having three balconies; one of which is for outdoor kitchen utilities, the other two overlook the communal landscaped gardens and swimming pool.

The Brief

  • 20 apartments each with; 2 bedrooms, 2 bathrooms, 1 open plan living room, Dining and Kitchen space
  • Facilities; Gym, Offices, Shop and Common Laundry
  • Swimming pool with spa
  • Parking; 30 cars


Garuga Apartments

This townhouse project is located in Garuga, Wakiso District. The project is comprised of 7 housing units designed as townhouses (meaning they share a dividing wall between any two units) that sit on a half acre lot and share amenities like a small bar, swimming pool and cinema.

The Idea behind

  • The site planning.

The site layout planning of these 7 units is characterized by a U-shaped building configuration. In this building, all 7 units can be grouped into mainly three different townhouse-type designs. One of the 7 units is designed as a penthouse for the owner with large balconies and views from almost every room. This building utilizes the courtyard space (of the letter U) as parking.

Each of these double-story townhouse-type units have a double-height living/dining area. Each townhouse unit is designed a two bedroom house with 2 bathrooms. Together, the units are grouped to form a tightly knitted group of volumes pushed and pulled so that every unit has ample outdoors space in form of a balcony/terrace.

The result is a masterly composition of forms whose power lies in the unexpected complexity of a large whole. The reiteration of forms, spaces, materials and plans culminates in a building that exceeds easy reading. This is a cube for Rubik.

The Brief

  • 6 Townhouses, 1 Penthouse apartment;
    • Townhouses comprises; Open plan living, Dining area, kitchen, pantry, 2 bedrooms, 2 bathrooms, Covered carport
    • Penthouse comprises of; 2 kids bedrooms, 1 master suite, open plan living/dining space, Kitchen, Pantry.
  • Social amenities include; Swimming pool, Bar and Cinema room.