Graeystones Estate Development

The Graeystone property estate is an upscale Residential gated community development happening within 1.5 acres of Land in the Muyenga suburb of Kampala in a phased construction.

The Idea behind

The resulting architectural design consists of 14 units across two building types; 7 Townhouse buildings and 1 Apartment building with 7 units; totaling 14 units,

All Townhouse units in the Graeystone property estate are similar in design and size, albeit with some individuality that is a result of displacements as the houses aim to fit in the sloping landscape. Furthermore a variation in the exterior coloring ensures each unit feels personal to the owner.

Each townhouse follows a compact scheme with 3 levels; the ground level houses the public spaces i.e. lounge, dining, kitchen and pantry spaces, the 2nd floor houses the 3 bedrooms while the 3rd floor attic is tucked in the roof and houses the en-suite guest bedroom.

The apartment block features apartment units whose rooms are laid out linearly so as to have interrupted views of the lake.

The Brief

  • 7 Town Houses each with:
    • 4 bedrooms; 1 master suite, 2 kids bedrooms and 1 en-suite guest bedroom
    • Lounge, Dining, Kitchen and pantry
    • En-suite Servant’s Quarters with laundry
  • Apartment block:
    • 6 Apartment units each with;
      • 3 bedrooms; 1 master suite and 2 kid’s bedrooms,
      • En-suite Servants’ Quarters with laundry
      • Lounge, Dining, Kitchen and pantry
    • Rooftop Penthouse with;.
      • 3 bedrooms; 1 master suite and 2 kid’s bedrooms,
      • Lounge, Dining, Kitchen and pantry with laundry

TMR International hospital

TMR International hospital is located in Naalya estate just 100m from Namugongo road. In October 2016, this new state of the art facility will change from a construction work-site to a building ready to receive hundreds of inpatients and outpatients daily.

The hospital is home to a full suite of services including general practice, dental health, pediatric clinics, maternal clinics, diabetes and hypertension clinic, conference and meeting rooms, and a training center for over 100 staff.

A highly collaborative, open client and project team was fundamental in achieving the high quality of the internal amenity during the design and construction of this facility.

How the hospital is architecturally planned;

TMR international hospital is comprised of 4 buildings;

1)General Practice wing;

Much of the hospital, is housed in the main building that flanks main access road, it’s here that the outpatient wing is located, also contained here are the operating theaters, dental clinic, pediatrics clinic and admission rooms.

The floor planning to this building lays out the the rooms around a courtyard with an atrium, these rooms are in a serial flow that allows for quick movement of staff from the adjacent rooms and the central atrium. The U shaped plan also minimizes the distances caregivers have to cover.

2) Training center;

A smaller building houses a multi-purpose hall for training of interns and conference facilities.

3) Diabetes and Hypertension wing

This building contains amenities specializing in consultancy, treatment and admission of diabetes/ hypertension patients. Here you find doctor’s rooms,self contained admission rooms and treatment rooms

4) Maternity wing

Another building exists to house the maternity wing complete with modern amenities like a private lounge, delivery rooms and admission rooms, doctors’ consultancy room and a treatment room. This building opens to a large private garden.

The Identity

TMR International hospital is a modern facility whose main identity is a central double-height atrium spine that runs through the center of the building, becoming a continuous experience of air and light (the atrium is lit with a glass skylight).

This spine makes for easy way finding throughout the building and allows for interacting and lounging of guests, patients and staff.


TMR Hospital full construction Brief

  • Emergency Room,
  • X-ray room (x1),
  • ICU rooms,
  • Operating Theaters (x2),
  • Theatre prep rooms,
  • Recovery rooms,
  • Admission rooms,
  • Doctor’s Consultation rooms,
  • Pharmacy,
  • Laboratory &Radiology rooms,
  • Lounge & Waiting area,
  • Reception,
  • Training Hall,
  • Kitchen,
  • Cafeteria,
  • Canteen,
  • Parking,
  • Diabetes and Hypertension consultation rooms,
  • Physiotherapy room,
  • Pediatrics consultation & Treatment rooms,
  • Dental Surgery room,
  • Maternal Labor rooms,
  • Delivery rooms,
  • Private patient gardens.

Cozi Apartment Hotel

The Cozi Apartment is Located behind Muyenga Club along Tank Hill road. Once construction is complete, this apartment hotel is set to offer hotel-like short stay accommodation for guests.

It’s comprised of 23 apartment units (with support conveniences like retail gift stores, offices, sauna and gym facilities). All 23 apartments are designed as self-catered in configurations of 1, 2 and 3 bedroom options.

Architectural design

The concept;

The key to the concept was the awareness of the necessity to avoid the sterility of most apartment/hotels facilities i.e. the long corridors with repetitive elements like balconies, doors and windows.

The irregular shaped site was the biggest design challenge. The site is narrow towards the road and wide down towards the back. We aimed to create a building with a highly site-specific scheme, with all rooms having uninterrupted views and being naturally ventilated.

The planning;

The building follows the site and looks like a triangle in plan. The apartment-hotel has all units and rooms arranged along 2 of the 3 arms of a triangle with the third arm serving as circulation to the apartments.

Thus the building appears sculptured from one prism block. The sculptural nature of the building ensured that instead of one bulky tiled roof, many smaller more useful roofs are created as terraces and balconies.

The Brief

  • 22 Apartments; 6 One bedroom, 10 Two Bedroom, 6 Three Bedroom.
  • 1 Presidential Suite
  • Gift Shop, 
  • Gym, 
  • Steam, Sauna, 
  • Swimming Pool with Spa, Bar, Breakfast Terrace
  • Common Laundry & Kitchen
  • 35 Parking slots


Total Training Centre

Total Uganda was looking to put up a facility to serve as a training center for both it’s existing and newly recruited staff.

While the Interior design of the Total Uganda training center is visually appealing, it’s also a very functional and flexible building that provides students with a practical state-of-the-art facility. The center facilitates interactions between the various trades of Total Uganda, creating an environment where students are challenged to be inquisitive.

The Idea behind the architectural design.

The strong brand identity for this center’s interior is achieved by a red ceiling feature snaking all the way from the entrance canopy past the reception area and terminating in the central gallery.

Almost all spaces (workshop, laboratories, studios, and classrooms) are connected and visible from the central gallery, enhancing supervision and encouraging student participation and awareness.

In the classrooms and workshops, future flexibility concerns are addressed with a clear span structure that allows for uninterrupted space enabling rearrangement. Additionally a service grid provides flexible access to compressed air, enabling flexible training opportunities.

Other initiatives include syphonic drainage system drawing water to tanks, the use of high level louvers and natural daylight.

The Brief

  • Laboratories, 
  • Offices, 
  • Reception & waiting area, 
  • Display Gallery, 
  • Staff lounge, 
  • Cafeteria, 
  • Multipurpose conference room, 
  • Classrooms, 
  • Workshops, 
  • Washrooms, 
  • Stores

Bativa Mixed Use Resort

Bativa mixed use resort is designed as an extension to the existing Bativa Hotel development in Nakulabye, Kampala and will feature a mix of many and varying entertainment spots at stone throw distances from each other.

Once construction is completed, this mixed use resort will draw in guests with various recreational spaces including a restaurant, cafe, sports bar and a night club transforming this area into an entertainment anchor for this part of Kampala.

The Idea behind the architectural design

The site planning of the Bativa mixed use resort is centered on a multipurpose green plaza with an entertainment stage that hosts outdoor programming like film screening, local artists’ performances and live sports streaming.

The buildings’ placements take significant direction from the site’s landscape, employing a minimalist stepped-form that keeps at constant levels with the outdoor grass terraces. This constant connection ensures that all amenities are interconnected and easy to navigate.

The Brief

  • Restaurant,
  • Industrial kitchen,
  • Fishing pond,
  • Pizza booth,
  • Night club,
  • Café,
  • Sports bar,
  • Game room,
  • Outdoor Stage,
  • Landscape gardens,
  • Steam & Sauna,
  • Salon,
  • Massage rooms,
  • Reception and waiting area,
  • DJ Booths, Offices, Stores