Kampala Archdiocese Offices

The purpose for the interior design & fit-out of the Kampala archdiocese offices was to consolidate the three separate divisions of the Archdiocese administration into one central location at Rubaga.

Furthermore, the client requested for a diagnosis clinic and parish hall to be designed for in addition to the work offices, yet all these 3 disparate briefs had to exist without conflict.

The idea behind

Our fundamental interior design idea for the Kampala archdiocese offices was to create spaces that appear unadorned, simple yet delightful. Since color is very symbolic in the Catholic Church, we aimed at using lots of textured elements to achieve a minimalist interior but with a dynamic visual effect.

The Brief

Common Office Area comprising of;

  • 2 reception areas, 2 waiting areas, 7 open plan workstations (each with 6 stations), 6 managers’ offices, Server room, Gym, Pantry, 190 seater convention hall, 2 personal assistant offices, 18 seater boardroom, Male & female washrooms,

Archbishop’s office comprising of;

  • 6 person Meeting area, Lounge, Tea room, Pantry, Private toilet,

Diagnosis clinic comprising of;

  • Reception, Store, Private toilet/shower, Laboratory, Doctor’s consultation office, Treatment room, Triage.

Security Systems Offices

This office interior design and fit-out project happened in the owner’s private building in Luzira, Kampala. The company runs 3 businesses under one company name and address.

The idea behind

The client had 2 sets of requirements;

1) 1st requirement ; 

A high functioning, professional open work space for 30 or more workers, with good acoustics and lighting, but also with spaces for both informal meetings and a conference room.

The solution; involved partitioning most of the 480sqm space into an open-plan floor area surrounded by support glass cubicle offices and conference roms on one side and a long continuous window on the other side. In order to provide balanced lighting within the premises throughout the day, fully automated lighting controls were used.

2) 2nd requirement ; 

The client wanted to create a ‘showy’ and ‘impressive’ modern interior.

To achieve this, we used a combination of high chromatic (i.e. bright) colors on a neutral white-ish background to create a sharp attention grabbing interior in the open plan areas. On the other hand, the conference and manager’s rooms were given more darker and calmer colors so as to complement the open plan space.

The Brief

  • Reception,
  • Waiting area,
  • 4 open plan workstations (each with 4 stations),
  • 4 managers’ offices,
  • CEO Office, 
  • Server room,
  • Pantry,
  • 14 seater conference room 
  • Male & female washrooms.


Crown Beverages Offices

Pepsi Uganda (also known as Crown Beverages Ltd) has had its offices in existence for over two decades at their building headquarters in Nakawa, Kampala.

The primary objective for this interior design and fit-out project was to reinvigorate and brand these offices into a workplace for the 21st century worker. Furthermore, the client requested for a contemporary design with emphasis on image.

The idea behind

  • The Problem;

    The existing offices for Pepsi Uganda had many of the individual offices closed off in cubicles. The closed nature of the work environment presented a challenge for a company looking to have frequent collaborative interfaces between its workers. More so, the company has many brands and departments.

  • Our solution; 

    We then sought to evidently create openness and transparency through out the whole project. First the layout gets all the advantage it can to the daylight.

    Furthermore, new modular open plan furniture workstations were introduced to increase flexibility and allow work teams to easily reconfigure their spaces using a standard kit of parts.

    Only the top level managers remained in the ‘cubicles’ for which we demolished atleast one brick wall and replaced it with glass, thus allowing the openness and brightness we were looking for.

    Branding graphics were employed throughout the offices giving the space definition and emphasize identity.

The Brief

Reception area, Waiting area, 19 private offices, 3 meeting rooms, Open plan workstation, Break room, Cafeteria, Kitchen, IT room, First aid clinic, Strong room, 26 seater conference room

Residential Interiors (selected works)



Our residential interior design and fit-out works so far have included a varied scale of work;

From small projects like kitchen [only] fit-outs to entire architectural remodeling projects like when we designed and fitted out interiors at the archbishop’s residence for His Holiness, Pope Francis and his entourage during the November 2015 visit to Uganda.

Ambassador Men’s Store

Located in Acacia Mall in Kisementi, this boutique store’s interior design was intended for a high end shopper.

AMBASSADOR is an already established brand for mens’ suits in the Eritrea and Ethiopia markets. The client wished to have a new concept created for this new store that fit the stature of this new mall.

The idea

The client requested for a store that borrows ideas from their 20 something existing chains in Ethiopia and Eritrea, but with new creative ideas on how to improve customer browsing and sales. Our concept aimed to encourage prospective customers to;

1) Enter the Store

(By having a high impact display window and highly reflective materials to complement the black color theme for Ambassador stores)

2) Then, Look To the Right

(The first wall on the right is the store’s “power wall”, and acts as a high-impact first impression featuring the boutique’s best merchandise, and so we gave it extra special attention in terms of display designs).

3) Have Them Walk the Path

(We achieved this by placing the checkout counter at the end of the store instead of the entrance).

5) But, slow them down

(this was achieved by having complementing products on display and/or in close proximity).

6) Make Sure they’re Comfortable

(A few comfy seats and benches were introduced to encourage customers to spend more time at the store).

7) Lastly, Check Out

(We strategically placed some commonly needed items like Casual/Funky T-shirts and Polos near the counter to encourage impulse or “last-minute” purchases).

BEJ Baby Boutique


The idea

Our interior design brief for this baby shop from the client was simple and concise; Regardless of age of the customer, when one walks in this baby shop in Kansanga, (Kampala, Uganda), they should be presented with a different world;

The client’s premises for this project were “coloring, animation, and imagination without limits, wild and playful”, and once you are inside the BEJ baby shop you can see all of this.

Although a small place, this place encourages small ones to move around and explore any fashion they wish. The white background to the display seems to dance, moving softly on the space and is playful. Even the lights join in, using color to give an impression of more merchandise that there actually is.