Ambassador Men’s Store

Located in Acacia Mall in Kisementi, this boutique store’s interior design was intended for a high end shopper.

AMBASSADOR is an already established brand for mens’ suits in the Eritrea and Ethiopia markets. The client wished to have a new concept created for this new store that fit the stature of this new mall.

The idea

The client requested for a store that borrows ideas from their 20 something existing chains in Ethiopia and Eritrea, but with new creative ideas on how to improve customer browsing and sales. Our concept aimed to encourage prospective customers to;

1) Enter the Store

(By having a high impact display window and highly reflective materials to complement the black color theme for Ambassador stores)

2) Then, Look To the Right

(The first wall on the right is the store’s “power wall”, and acts as a high-impact first impression featuring the boutique’s best merchandise, and so we gave it extra special attention in terms of display designs).

3) Have Them Walk the Path

(We achieved this by placing the checkout counter at the end of the store instead of the entrance).

5) But, slow them down

(this was achieved by having complementing products on display and/or in close proximity).

6) Make Sure they’re Comfortable

(A few comfy seats and benches were introduced to encourage customers to spend more time at the store).

7) Lastly, Check Out

(We strategically placed some commonly needed items like Casual/Funky T-shirts and Polos near the counter to encourage impulse or “last-minute” purchases).