Luzira Apartments

Located in Luzira, Kampala, the architectural design for this modern apartment building aims to take advantage of the site’s views to Lake Victoria. To do this each of the 8 apartments differ in planning and cpmposition. This apartment is designed as a 4 level development on a half acre plot of land.

The Idea behind

To achieve its interesting characteristic exterior look, the apartment design of this building employs a subtle terraced profile. For this purpose, the floors are slightly displaced backwards one relative to the next, hence staggering the apartments, and therefore the spaces in the façade.

This offset alignment of the different apartments, as well as the protrusions and recesses of the different building elements, serves to loosen up the mass of the building. As a result, the building not only has a differentiated appearance but also a scale that is appropriate to the surroundings despite having 4 levels.

The dark stained concrete texture at the ground floor level exterior gives the building an appearance of a firm base as well its own identity within the neighborhood.

The Brief

  • 8 apartments each with;
  •               1 Study/spare room,
  •               2 bedrooms,
  •               2 bathrooms,
  •               1 open plan
  •               Living room,
  •              Dining and kitchen,
  • Facilities; Estate Office, Gym and Canteen
  • Parking; 14 cars