Cozi Apartment Hotel

The Cozi Apartment is Located behind Muyenga Club along Tank Hill road. Once construction is complete, this apartment hotel is set to offer hotel-like short stay accommodation for guests.

It’s comprised of 23 apartment units (with support conveniences like retail gift stores, offices, sauna and gym facilities). All 23 apartments are designed as self-catered in configurations of 1, 2 and 3 bedroom options.

Architectural design

The concept;

The key to the concept was the awareness of the necessity to avoid the sterility of most apartment/hotels facilities i.e. the long corridors with repetitive elements like balconies, doors and windows.

The irregular shaped site was the biggest design challenge. The site is narrow towards the road and wide down towards the back. We aimed to create a building with a highly site-specific scheme, with all rooms having uninterrupted views and being naturally ventilated.

The planning;

The building follows the site and looks like a triangle in plan. The apartment-hotel has all units and rooms arranged along 2 of the 3 arms of a triangle with the third arm serving as circulation to the apartments.

Thus the building appears sculptured from one prism block. The sculptural nature of the building ensured that instead of one bulky tiled roof, many smaller more useful roofs are created as terraces and balconies.

The Brief

  • 22 Apartments; 6 One bedroom, 10 Two Bedroom, 6 Three Bedroom.
  • 1 Presidential Suite
  • Gift Shop, 
  • Gym, 
  • Steam, Sauna, 
  • Swimming Pool with Spa, Bar, Breakfast Terrace
  • Common Laundry & Kitchen
  • 35 Parking slots