Kulambiro Apartments

Found at the slopes of one of Kulambiro’s hills in Kisasi, Kampala,Uganda this 5 level apartment building has wonderful uninterrupted views of Kampala city. It’s massing consists of 4 interdependent towers each with 5 apartments.

The Idea behind

Our initial discussions with the client revolved around how to create an apartment in Kampala with a signature & iconic look but also one that takes advantage of its strategic location at the hilltop to provide good views.

1)Achieving the signature look;

The unique look of the building is achieved by the horizontal variation; itself a consequence of alternating and shifting a unit size apartment (i.e. all 20 apartments are 2 bedroom and are identical in size).

2) Dealing with the hilly site;

The apartment building block relates to its hilly context through the subtle rhythmic setbacks of each of the 5 floor levels as one moves from the lowest to highest level. The shifts in geometry lighten the massing of the building and reduce its scale.

3) The benefits to the architectural strategy;

This design strategy of staggering the units has several inherent benefits: avoidance of long internal corridors as well as greater efficiency and maximizing the privacy of the flats. All 20 apartments benefit from having three balconies; one of which is for outdoor kitchen utilities, the other two overlook the communal landscaped gardens and swimming pool.

The Brief

  • 20 apartments each with; 2 bedrooms, 2 bathrooms, 1 open plan living room, Dining and Kitchen space
  • Facilities; Gym, Offices, Shop and Common Laundry
  • Swimming pool with spa
  • Parking; 30 cars