Garuga Apartments

This townhouse project is located in Garuga, Wakiso District. The project is comprised of 7 housing units designed as townhouses (meaning they share a dividing wall between any two units) that sit on a half acre lot and share amenities like a small bar, swimming pool and cinema.

The Idea behind

  • The site planning.

The site layout planning of these 7 units is characterized by a U-shaped building configuration. In this building, all 7 units can be grouped into mainly three different townhouse-type designs. One of the 7 units is designed as a penthouse for the owner with large balconies and views from almost every room. This building utilizes the courtyard space (of the letter U) as parking.

Each of these double-story townhouse-type units have a double-height living/dining area. Each townhouse unit is designed a two bedroom house with 2 bathrooms. Together, the units are grouped to form a tightly knitted group of volumes pushed and pulled so that every unit has ample outdoors space in form of a balcony/terrace.

The result is a masterly composition of forms whose power lies in the unexpected complexity of a large whole. The reiteration of forms, spaces, materials and plans culminates in a building that exceeds easy reading. This is a cube for Rubik.

The Brief

  • 6 Townhouses, 1 Penthouse apartment;
    • Townhouses comprises; Open plan living, Dining area, kitchen, pantry, 2 bedrooms, 2 bathrooms, Covered carport
    • Penthouse comprises of; 2 kids bedrooms, 1 master suite, open plan living/dining space, Kitchen, Pantry.
  • Social amenities include; Swimming pool, Bar and Cinema room.