Graeystones Estate Development

The Graeystone property estate is an upscale Residential gated community development happening within 1.5 acres of Land in the Muyenga suburb of Kampala in a phased construction.

The Idea behind

The resulting architectural design consists of 14 units across two building types; 7 Townhouse buildings and 1 Apartment building with 7 units; totaling 14 units,

All Townhouse units in the Graeystone property estate are similar in design and size, albeit with some individuality that is a result of displacements as the houses aim to fit in the sloping landscape. Furthermore a variation in the exterior coloring ensures each unit feels personal to the owner.

Each townhouse follows a compact scheme with 3 levels; the ground level houses the public spaces i.e. lounge, dining, kitchen and pantry spaces, the 2nd floor houses the 3 bedrooms while the 3rd floor attic is tucked in the roof and houses the en-suite guest bedroom.

The apartment block features apartment units whose rooms are laid out linearly so as to have interrupted views of the lake.

The Brief

  • 7 Town Houses each with:
    • 4 bedrooms; 1 master suite, 2 kids bedrooms and 1 en-suite guest bedroom
    • Lounge, Dining, Kitchen and pantry
    • En-suite Servant’s Quarters with laundry
  • Apartment block:
    • 6 Apartment units each with;
      • 3 bedrooms; 1 master suite and 2 kid’s bedrooms,
      • En-suite Servants’ Quarters with laundry
      • Lounge, Dining, Kitchen and pantry
    • Rooftop Penthouse with;.
      • 3 bedrooms; 1 master suite and 2 kid’s bedrooms,
      • Lounge, Dining, Kitchen and pantry with laundry