Victoria Estate Apartments

This modern apartment is located in Victoria Estate Entebbe, This vertical structure has a commanding street presence. The use of abstract ornamentation gives this building exterior a unique look and feel.

The Idea behind the architectural design

  • The planning concept;

This modern apartment building incorporates a high level of social and sustainable design principles. It is designed to provide equal access to daylight across all of the units,

Car-parking was located below ground to extend the ground plane through the site, creating high levels of accessibility and visual permeability.

  • The building form;

The form for this apartment building is generated by stacking similar units around a lift and staircase as the core.

These multi-level stacked boxes housing the apartments have similar floor plans except for the balcony frontages which have been slightly adjusted to achieve the visual complexity of the building.

We felt that this was a cost-effective design strategy for achieving architectural diversity within the rigorous commercial constraints of the Kampala/Entebbe high-density residential market.

The Living Room

  • 16 apartments each with;
  •                     2 bedrooms,
  •                     2 bathrooms,
  •                    1 open plan living room, dining and kitchen space
  • Facilities; Gym, Offices, Shop and common Laundry
  • Swimming pool with bar and restaurant
  • Parking; 25 cars