Security Systems Offices

This office interior design and fit-out project happened in the owner’s private building in Luzira, Kampala. The company runs 3 businesses under one company name and address.

The idea behind

The client had 2 sets of requirements;

1) 1st requirement ; 

A high functioning, professional open work space for 30 or more workers, with good acoustics and lighting, but also with spaces for both informal meetings and a conference room.

The solution; involved partitioning most of the 480sqm space into an open-plan floor area surrounded by support glass cubicle offices and conference roms on one side and a long continuous window on the other side. In order to provide balanced lighting within the premises throughout the day, fully automated lighting controls were used.

2) 2nd requirement ; 

The client wanted to create a ‘showy’ and ‘impressive’ modern interior.

To achieve this, we used a combination of high chromatic (i.e. bright) colors on a neutral white-ish background to create a sharp attention grabbing interior in the open plan areas. On the other hand, the conference and manager’s rooms were given more darker and calmer colors so as to complement the open plan space.

The Brief

  • Reception,
  • Waiting area,
  • 4 open plan workstations (each with 4 stations),
  • 4 managers’ offices,
  • CEO Office, 
  • Server room,
  • Pantry,
  • 14 seater conference room 
  • Male & female washrooms.