Crown Beverages Offices

Pepsi Uganda (also known as Crown Beverages Ltd) has had its offices in existence for over two decades at their building headquarters in Nakawa, Kampala.

The primary objective for this interior design and fit-out project was to reinvigorate and brand these offices into a workplace for the 21st century worker. Furthermore, the client requested for a contemporary design with emphasis on image.

The idea behind

  • The Problem;

    The existing offices for Pepsi Uganda had many of the individual offices closed off in cubicles. The closed nature of the work environment presented a challenge for a company looking to have frequent collaborative interfaces between its workers. More so, the company has many brands and departments.

  • Our solution; 

    We then sought to evidently create openness and transparency through out the whole project. First the layout gets all the advantage it can to the daylight.

    Furthermore, new modular open plan furniture workstations were introduced to increase flexibility and allow work teams to easily reconfigure their spaces using a standard kit of parts.

    Only the top level managers remained in the ‘cubicles’ for which we demolished atleast one brick wall and replaced it with glass, thus allowing the openness and brightness we were looking for.

    Branding graphics were employed throughout the offices giving the space definition and emphasize identity.

The Brief

Reception area, Waiting area, 19 private offices, 3 meeting rooms, Open plan workstation, Break room, Cafeteria, Kitchen, IT room, First aid clinic, Strong room, 26 seater conference room