TMR International hospital

TMR International hospital is located in Naalya estate just 100m from Namugongo road. In October 2016, this new state of the art facility will change from a construction work-site to a building ready to receive hundreds of inpatients and outpatients daily.

The hospital is home to a full suite of services including general practice, dental health, pediatric clinics, maternal clinics, diabetes and hypertension clinic, conference and meeting rooms, and a training center for over 100 staff.

A highly collaborative, open client and project team was fundamental in achieving the high quality of the internal amenity during the design and construction of this facility.

How the hospital is architecturally planned;

TMR international hospital is comprised of 4 buildings;

1)General Practice wing;

Much of the hospital, is housed in the main building that flanks main access road, it’s here that the outpatient wing is located, also contained here are the operating theaters, dental clinic, pediatrics clinic and admission rooms.

The floor planning to this building lays out the the rooms around a courtyard with an atrium, these rooms are in a serial flow that allows for quick movement of staff from the adjacent rooms and the central atrium. The U shaped plan also minimizes the distances caregivers have to cover.

2) Training center;

A smaller building houses a multi-purpose hall for training of interns and conference facilities.

3) Diabetes and Hypertension wing

This building contains amenities specializing in consultancy, treatment and admission of diabetes/ hypertension patients. Here you find doctor’s rooms,self contained admission rooms and treatment rooms

4) Maternity wing

Another building exists to house the maternity wing complete with modern amenities like a private lounge, delivery rooms and admission rooms, doctors’ consultancy room and a treatment room. This building opens to a large private garden.

The Identity

TMR International hospital is a modern facility whose main identity is a central double-height atrium spine that runs through the center of the building, becoming a continuous experience of air and light (the atrium is lit with a glass skylight).

This spine makes for easy way finding throughout the building and allows for interacting and lounging of guests, patients and staff.


TMR Hospital full construction Brief

  • Emergency Room,
  • X-ray room (x1),
  • ICU rooms,
  • Operating Theaters (x2),
  • Theatre prep rooms,
  • Recovery rooms,
  • Admission rooms,
  • Doctor’s Consultation rooms,
  • Pharmacy,
  • Laboratory &Radiology rooms,
  • Lounge & Waiting area,
  • Reception,
  • Training Hall,
  • Kitchen,
  • Cafeteria,
  • Canteen,
  • Parking,
  • Diabetes and Hypertension consultation rooms,
  • Physiotherapy room,
  • Pediatrics consultation & Treatment rooms,
  • Dental Surgery room,
  • Maternal Labor rooms,
  • Delivery rooms,
  • Private patient gardens.