Total Training Centre

Total Uganda was looking to put up a facility to serve as a training center for both it’s existing and newly recruited staff.

While the Interior design of the Total Uganda training center is visually appealing, it’s also a very functional and flexible building that provides students with a practical state-of-the-art facility. The center facilitates interactions between the various trades of Total Uganda, creating an environment where students are challenged to be inquisitive.

The Idea behind the architectural design.

The strong brand identity for this center’s interior is achieved by a red ceiling feature snaking all the way from the entrance canopy past the reception area and terminating in the central gallery.

Almost all spaces (workshop, laboratories, studios, and classrooms) are connected and visible from the central gallery, enhancing supervision and encouraging student participation and awareness.

In the classrooms and workshops, future flexibility concerns are addressed with a clear span structure that allows for uninterrupted space enabling rearrangement. Additionally a service grid provides flexible access to compressed air, enabling flexible training opportunities.

Other initiatives include syphonic drainage system drawing water to tanks, the use of high level louvers and natural daylight.

The Brief

  • Laboratories, 
  • Offices, 
  • Reception & waiting area, 
  • Display Gallery, 
  • Staff lounge, 
  • Cafeteria, 
  • Multipurpose conference room, 
  • Classrooms, 
  • Workshops, 
  • Washrooms, 
  • Stores