Namboole Townhouses

This townhouse apartment design is developed as an estate of 7 units in Namboole, Kira Town Council. The development provides renters with homes with private outdoor space and beautiful vistas of the surrounding neighborhood.

The Idea behind the architectural design

  • Design style;

This townhouse apartment design features good old fashioned modern style for the both the exterior and interior of the houses.

  • The planning;

Privacy and individuality between the units are created by stepping back the staircase volume thereby providing a covered carport on the ground floor and a covered balcony on the 1st floor

The private spaces (i.e. bedrooms) of the townhouses are found in the upper floors, along with rest spots, while the most “public” spaces, such as sitting rooms, kitchen, dining, are designed on the ground floors.

The bedrooms to these double-story homes have large balconies that provide dramatic views of the surrounding neighborhood.On the other hand, outdoor compound spaces  at the ground level allow for neighborhood social interactions.

The Brief

Each townhouse comprises; 

  • Open plan living, 
  • Dining area, 
  • kitchen, pantry,
  • 2 bedrooms (each with a covered balcony), 
  • 2 bathrooms, 
  • Covered carport